Looking Forward

Work has officially begun for book 2 of my novel series.


We Like Free Things

Guess what? For this week only, the Kindle edition of my book “The Western Golem” will cost you nothing. Grab yourself a free copy now!

The Western Golem

What it looks like

So the printed copy came out better than I expected. There’s a good weight to it and it feels robust. Let’s see how long it can last that way, though.

Here are some pictures showcasing the book. Telling you; looks amazing.

book_01 book_02 book_03 book_04


It’s Out!

It has been a long time in waiting, but I am proud to present the official release of my debut novel “The Western Golem.” Use this link, or search through Amazon, to get yourself a copy. And here’s the best part; buy the physical copy and you’ll get yourself the e-book version for free through Kindle MatchBook while you wait for your print copy to arrive! (Although this may take a bit to kick in since Amazon’s systems are still working on getting the two editions linked.)

There’s a large grin on my face as I can finally say that I am now a published author. Thanks everyone for supporting me through all this, and thanks in advance for those who will begin to support me.


Release date announced!

The Western GolemThe first book to the Grayson Gauntlet series is set to be released March 16, 2015.